Monday, 5 April 2010

Photos update

Um... I admit it. I totally failed at making a picture each and every day. I carry my camera with me at all times but often I simply forget to shoot a picture. I make photos for other things, like my work, but not for myself. I should really do that more often! Remind me.

Here are some of the photos that I did shoot in the past few weeks.

(19 March 2010, Schiedam)
This man took his shoes off while waiting at Schiedam station. He had just put them again on when I shot this picture. Please note: it was really cold that day!

(22 March 2010, Waddenzee)
On the boat to Schiermonnikoog. That is Friesland (Lauwersoog) there in the distance.

(23 March 2010, Schiermonnikoog)
This little fellow was waiting while his people were up on the bunker. He had the same resignation in his stance as most people I have seen waiting for trains, trams or other people.

(5 April 2010 - today, Amsterdam)
The Flemish chips shop in the Voetboogsteeg in Amsterdam is famous as the best one in town. It is too. There is usually a long line of people. And lots of people sitting and standing around eating their chips. This boy had spent quite some time and effort on obtaining his perch for eating. (The ladies in the front don't seem very amused by my camera action.)


  1. You're right. That mum looks Totally Alarmed. I can't tell if she's being protective of her spawn, or just worried about her own vanities, though.

    I wish I was in Europe... it's so much prettier than texas.

  2. I LOOOOOOVE the picture of Friesland Nin!!! :-)

  3. That's my fave chip shop in Amsterdam! It's *unbelievably* good.