Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Revelation of the day

It was the Autumn of 2008. Someone had decided to pay me some money for an article and I decided to spend that money on a kick-ass leather jacket I wanted. It is green. It is awesome. It is the perfect jacket to wear in Autumn and Spring. I love it. And then this happened just now. My thought processes, approximately:

- Oooh, my kick-ass leather jacket! I love that one!
- Bet I can't wear it now anymore, with my big belly.
- I love it.
- Okay, let me give it a try anyway.
[Puts on jacket, elastic band has no trouble with belly, zipper goes up.]
- Hurray! It fits! How awesome.
[Feels happy about how kick-ass leather jacket is even more kick-ass than anticipated.]
[Turns around and faces self in mirror.]
[Sees something like the picture above.]
[Takes off jacket. Not to be worn this Spring.]
- Pfffff.

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