Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Ridiculous phenomena

Some time ago I already reported about the strange phenomenon so... artistically... illustrated above. (Drawing was never my best subject.) I am also starting to notice more practicalities that are hardly ever described in books, blogs or other information sources about pregnancy. Not even for twin moms.

For example:
The special supporting belly bands and underwear, so convenient for helping your muscles, sinews and whatnot carry all that extra weight, have to hold on to something. That something is you. The fact that they need to support means that they need to be tight-ish. O-kay. This does not help with the belly breathing so emphatically taught in yoga class. Nor does it agree with my kidneys - or rather, my kidneys do not agree with the situation. So I'm constantly adjusting the damn things.

For example:
My friend D reported on her trouble with parking. In Holland we do a lot of parallel parking and that means you need to look over your shoulder to see the back of the car. Can't turn. Luckily (...) I usually avoid parallel parking when I can. But that's not because of the belly. That's because I am a total girl when it comes to parking.

For example:
(please note, this one may be TMI: too much information!)
How do people with big beer bellies manage it? I am usually not too big and not all too flexible but okay. Now I am finding that my tummy gets in the way when I'm... um... finishing off in the bathroom. Reach the other way around now, babe! Haha! It's not like I have such ridiculously short arms or anything! I'd say they're normal length...

To think I'm only at 5 months...

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