Thursday, 18 March 2010

Exceptional post!

Just for once, because of the halfway-milestone, I give you: my kiddies!

They're both girls, isn't that exciting? (Don't know if I'd be any more or less excited if they were boys or one of each though. Could be that it wouldn't matter. I just know that I'm excited now. Haha!)

All is well, so far. They're growing lovely as they should be. Everything seems to be in order. That is all very good news. :)

(PS Totally beside the point: did you know you can feed the fish on the right? Just click on it. Haha!)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Back in the game of picture taking. I have done this for a few months some time ago but after a while I slacked and stopped. I am currently trying to pick it up again: take a photo every day. I will put them on a photostream on Flickr ( ) and some also here, when I remember to.

Photos I take are what I find. I don't ask people to pose or arrange a situation. I will simply snap what I see. I like candid camera but I am not skilled in it nor do I have the guts to shoot any time I would like to. Still: expect photos of people waiting. I like seeing people waiting. They tend to turn in on themselves and forget about the world around them. They have time, whether they like it or not, to let thoughts run through their minds.

Here are the first two photos in the photo stream, taken on March 6 and 15. So yes, the 'every day' aspect of the project has not been very succesful so far... I am hoping to grow into that. ;-)

(Hilversum, on my way to Groningen - March 6)

(Paris, La Villette - March 15)

Thursday, 4 March 2010


You know, we be warned about loose joints and morning sickness and odd cravings (so far no luck!) but some things are just too weird to be in books, probably.

With a growing tummy I can't get as close to my desk as I used to so I'm experiencing discomfort in my shoulders from reaching further to my keyboard and mouse. Is that weird or what? And I'm not even that big yet!

(Yesterday in yoga class everybody was 30+ weeks along. My stomach was tiny compared to them!)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Declutter Effort

Unavoidable: decluttering is necessary if we're going to fit two new people into this apartment. Room of choice: my office space. Yes, the smallest room in the house (apart from the other smallest room, harhar, or the closets) but so very pleasant and suited for kiddies. This room is now made even smaller by the presence of no less than four bookcases, a desk, a sofa and miscellaneous clutter and boxes etc. The rest of the house needs some serious space-making too.

There will be moving and throwing away of things!

So far we have been chucking out bags and bags of goods. Some go to charity, like clothes we really don't wear anymore, and some go to freecycle. We have made people happy with board games we didn't play, a printer we didn't need, and other stuff as well. Currently I have an iron (like, for clothes) and some kitchen things that need freecycling. Will put them online soon.

Next thing to tackle: the drawers underneath the sofa. They are full of stuff like envelopes and travel things (plug adapters etc.) but also fabrics I just can't throw out. It will take some real effort to get that all sorted out. I look forward to when the whole thing is done and we can put kiddie things in here. Wheeee!!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

What to wear?

Here's what it is: I like basics. I like finding the perfect t-shirt, long-sleeves, jeans, summer pants, sweatshirt, dress, white cotton shirt, socks, knitted wear, sneakers, heels and boots. I like no-frills, no-prints things unless they're t-shirts with nifty pictures on them. (I will go for fancy underwear though. Me so girly.) I like basics because they don't distract from the person inside them, i.e. me, and I don't want to compromise fit and materials for the sake of frills.

Frills, in short, is not 'me'.

Now enter a maternity clothes shop. Oh dear.

The same brands keep re-appearing. There are basics but they don't match up to a full outfit. And/or they are really expensive. You see really nice combinations in the shop window but in practice they don't work out so well. On me anyway. Plus I am just really bad at shopping.

Still whatever my choice would be: I am forced to give up my own personal clothing style. Even if the combos on the displays would work on me, they would not be 'me'. It feels like playing dress-up but not only with strange clothes but with a strange body as well.

I have a wardrobe full of things I won't be able to wear until next year. If at all.