Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Back in the game of picture taking. I have done this for a few months some time ago but after a while I slacked and stopped. I am currently trying to pick it up again: take a photo every day. I will put them on a photostream on Flickr ( ) and some also here, when I remember to.

Photos I take are what I find. I don't ask people to pose or arrange a situation. I will simply snap what I see. I like candid camera but I am not skilled in it nor do I have the guts to shoot any time I would like to. Still: expect photos of people waiting. I like seeing people waiting. They tend to turn in on themselves and forget about the world around them. They have time, whether they like it or not, to let thoughts run through their minds.

Here are the first two photos in the photo stream, taken on March 6 and 15. So yes, the 'every day' aspect of the project has not been very succesful so far... I am hoping to grow into that. ;-)

(Hilversum, on my way to Groningen - March 6)

(Paris, La Villette - March 15)

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