Tuesday, 2 March 2010

What to wear?

Here's what it is: I like basics. I like finding the perfect t-shirt, long-sleeves, jeans, summer pants, sweatshirt, dress, white cotton shirt, socks, knitted wear, sneakers, heels and boots. I like no-frills, no-prints things unless they're t-shirts with nifty pictures on them. (I will go for fancy underwear though. Me so girly.) I like basics because they don't distract from the person inside them, i.e. me, and I don't want to compromise fit and materials for the sake of frills.

Frills, in short, is not 'me'.

Now enter a maternity clothes shop. Oh dear.

The same brands keep re-appearing. There are basics but they don't match up to a full outfit. And/or they are really expensive. You see really nice combinations in the shop window but in practice they don't work out so well. On me anyway. Plus I am just really bad at shopping.

Still whatever my choice would be: I am forced to give up my own personal clothing style. Even if the combos on the displays would work on me, they would not be 'me'. It feels like playing dress-up but not only with strange clothes but with a strange body as well.

I have a wardrobe full of things I won't be able to wear until next year. If at all.

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