Thursday, 18 March 2010

Exceptional post!

Just for once, because of the halfway-milestone, I give you: my kiddies!

They're both girls, isn't that exciting? (Don't know if I'd be any more or less excited if they were boys or one of each though. Could be that it wouldn't matter. I just know that I'm excited now. Haha!)

All is well, so far. They're growing lovely as they should be. Everything seems to be in order. That is all very good news. :)

(PS Totally beside the point: did you know you can feed the fish on the right? Just click on it. Haha!)


  1. you can already tell they're gorgeous!

    (and I may have overfed your fish.. haha!)

  2. Just what the world needs! Two more spectacular ninjas!!! I can NOT wait to meet them!