Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Declutter Effort

Unavoidable: decluttering is necessary if we're going to fit two new people into this apartment. Room of choice: my office space. Yes, the smallest room in the house (apart from the other smallest room, harhar, or the closets) but so very pleasant and suited for kiddies. This room is now made even smaller by the presence of no less than four bookcases, a desk, a sofa and miscellaneous clutter and boxes etc. The rest of the house needs some serious space-making too.

There will be moving and throwing away of things!

So far we have been chucking out bags and bags of goods. Some go to charity, like clothes we really don't wear anymore, and some go to freecycle. We have made people happy with board games we didn't play, a printer we didn't need, and other stuff as well. Currently I have an iron (like, for clothes) and some kitchen things that need freecycling. Will put them online soon.

Next thing to tackle: the drawers underneath the sofa. They are full of stuff like envelopes and travel things (plug adapters etc.) but also fabrics I just can't throw out. It will take some real effort to get that all sorted out. I look forward to when the whole thing is done and we can put kiddie things in here. Wheeee!!!

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