Monday, 14 June 2010

The Laundry Exercise

As of today I’m (not entirely) on leave. Officially. That means that I’m (not entirely) done with working and (not entirely) focusing on resting and the months to come.

Aw don’t tell me you noticed that ‘not entirely’ thingie there… Okay, I’m still finishing up some reports this week so I’m not entirely on leave yet. sigh

So anyway, leaving aside the ‘not entirely’, what does a person do when all of a sudden not working? Don’t know about you but I always end up doing laundry. Every holiday or vacation starts with the Laundry Exercise for me. Except this time I’m doing kiddie laundry; I’m washing all the stuff I bought for the kiddies as well as the things I got from other people. We’re talking clothes, sheets, bibs, everything.

And it turns out it’s a lot already.

This Wednesday I’ll be going to the shops with my mother and buying all the stuff I still need because apparently I need even more stuff than what I already have. It’s amazing.

And that new stuff will need washing too.

Then again, I though I’d get my washing machine into gear. It better get used to working long hours.

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