Friday, 25 June 2010

Ah... in that case: update

It has appeared to me that some people use this site to see how me and the kiddies are doing these days. Ah. Well in that case: here's a little update.

We are doing fine.

Haha! Okay, more of an update perhaps:
We are doing absolutely fine. :)

We were at the hospital a week and a half ago where the ultrasounds (echos) showed that the kiddies were happily and healthily growing along. Their size is now about average or even a little over average compared to other kiddies, even singleton kiddies. Their weight was at the time about 2.2 kilos when 2 kilos is average. I'm talking 2.2 kilos each though and they are growing about 200 grams a week so by now they're about 2.5 kilos each making it 5 kilos for my poor old body to haul around.

That would make you think that I'm huge but actually, although I do resemble an elephant seal to some degree by now, I am not that big. When comparing myself to other preggers women, most of whom have 'only' one kiddie to carry, I am still relatively modestly expanded. (Will post picture at some point, I will.) That doesn't mean I am still fully mobile though. It is starting to take its toll and walking to the supermarket and back can be quite an excursion, on a bad day. Still, as long as I have and take all the time in the world, I'll be fine. Besides, biking is still easier than walking so I can get around better that way. Except climbing on the bike can be a nuisance because my belly is in the way.

The kiddies themselves are moving around a lot, especially by the end of the afternoon and into the evening. The movement varies from little plops similar to bumblebees flying into flower petals, to full-fledged migrations (or seemingly so) with what appear to be knees, shoulders and elbows, heads and sometimes maybe even spines travelling across my stomach like miniature continental shifts or tsunamis. Sometimes they rest for a little while and then it starts over again. It is quite funny. At least it tells me that everything is okay in there.

So currently I am at 34 weeks (out of 40) that means just about 8 months. My official due date is August 6 but with twins they're likely to be early. I certainly hope so because if they really grow 200 grams a week each... It is unlikely that my body is going to carry them to the full 40 weeks. The average for twins is at 37 weeks meaning that I still have about 3 weeks to go. And then I get to find out what it is like to be a mum for two little girls. Eek! :)

So that's it: today's update. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to making pictures etc. again soon. They're likely to be of things close by or even in my home for the time being because I'm not really going places at the moment but that's okay. The weather is good, the shops are close by if I need anything, there are people to help me if I need it, and overall life could be a whole lot worse.


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