Wednesday, 9 September 2009

South West USA - Prelude

(I solemnly promise any further entries will be less sappy.)

My parents' neighbour is going to take care of the little birds while we are away. I have neighbours I will ask to take care of the mail and the plants but I don't want to burden them with the daily care for the little critters. My parents' neighbours are retired and they really don't mind.

And so today my father came with his car to pick them up. We took the water and seeds out, the sand was already out, then we put a cloth over the cage against the wind and rolled it out into the elevator. The budgies don't like the cloth over the cage, it often gets them in a panic. They were a bit quiet at first, in the car on the way over they started to chat a bit again. That was reassuring, I didn't want them to freak out too much.

Once at my parents' home they were put right in front of the kitchen window. I refilled the seeds, gave them some water, put the sand back in the bottom drawer, and even gave them some extra gierst (foxtail millet). The green one (the girl called Aagje) immediately hopped onto my arm again and started biting me, as she usually does. She's not really hostile, just.. um.. snappy. Blue Mr. Koekepeertje (you'd understand if you saw him - and were Dutch) is not so brave, he stays away.

And now I am home again, and they are in my parents' kitchen, and my house is so empty all of a sudden! It's incredible. We've had the birds not even for a year yet but I'm already so attached to them. I am so used to hearing them do their little things and make their little noises. And big noises, BIG noises too.

They are loud. They make a mess. You can't cuddle them or take them for a walk outside. They don't like being petted. They don't come running to your door when you come home. They wake you up at the first light of dawn. Besides that all they do is make noise and mess, and sit on your arm or head and mess up your hair.

I miss my budgies. Already.

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